Take your guests to an authentic beer tasting session and an excursion of the brewery, organize a sports competition in the centuries-old Manor park, enjoy a refreshing soup made over fire at a pergola overlooking the lake, relax at a steam sauna, and refresh by swimming in the lake. We will offer something exciting for all seasons! Craving for something special? Book an exciting dinner in an 18th century brick hall by a bonfire!

Additional leisure areas:

  • Excursion of the brewery with a beer tasting session
  • Pool table
  • Cigar and poker room
  • Lakeside swimming area
  • Tea room overlooking the lake
  • Manor library
  • Relaxation zone in the brewery

Price list

Lakeside sauna100 €

Not rented separately

Educational beer tasting session300 €

When booked with other services (for a group of 20-25 persons)

Soup/ paella/ stew prepared in the pergola by the lake200 €

Price for 40 persons

Authentic dinner by the bonfire

Please enquire separately

Have ideas for other activities you’d like to host at the Manor?

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