Historical documents date the Manor brewery back to 1719. Today, Vasaknos Manor beer is produced in a fully computerized modern brewery.

Artesian water, top quality Belgian and Austrian malt, and selected hops give Vasaknos Manor beer its signature deep flavour. Beer production cycle is 30 days. Three types of beer are produced in the brewery:

  • 4.8 degree strong Vasaknos Manor Light
  • 5.7 degree strong Vasaknos Manor Ale
  • 6.5 degree strong extra-long brewed Vasaknos Manor Black

Vasaknos Manor beer can only be purchased during events at the Manor.

Vasaknos Manor beer is currently sold at specialized beer stores and bars in Vilnius and Kaunas:


“Alynas” bar-beer store, Jogailos g. 6;

“Alynas” bar-beer store, Žirmūnų g. 2 (supermarket “Iki”);

“Alynas” bar-beer store, Žirmūnų g. 64 (supermarket “Hyper RIMI”);

Bar “Tappo D’oro,” Vokiečių g. 8;

Beer store “Kiškio alus,” Linkmenų g. 22 (supermarket “RIMI”).


“Alynas” bar-beer store, Žemaičių pl. 23 (“Iki” supermarket);

Beer store “Pivorius,” Šilainiai market (by the parking lot);

Cafe “Moksha,” Vasario 16-osios g. 6;

Cafe, Vandžiogalos g. 86 M.


Restaurant “Monopolis,” Sėlių a. 8.

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