There are 15 rooms in the Manor that can sleep up to 65 persons. Every room occupies two floors. On the first floor there is a relaxation zone with a sofa, a balcony, and a bathroom. A double bed is on the second floor and has a skylight.

Either the view of the Lake of Vasaknos or the panorama of the Manor courtyard can be enjoyed from the rooms.

Specification of the rooms:

13 double/triple rooms – each room has three sleeping places (a sofa on the first floor, 1 double bed on the second floor).
2 suite rooms – suite has five sleeping places. Three beds are in one room (a sofa on the first floor and twin beds on the second floor) and a double bed in an isolated bedroom. Suites have a bath and a shower in the bathroom.

There are 50 beds in the Manor. Additionally, a mattress can be set up in each room to accommodate 65 persons.


Manor building rent (1 night)2 900 €

The price is for the summer season. It includes breakfast, accommodation, exclusive use of manor territory, and service charges.

Brewery building

There are two floors above the boutique brewery. On the first floor you will find a bar, tasting area, relaxation zone with a fireplace. The second floor hosts three spacious bedrooms (each accommodates up to 10 persons), showers and restrooms, and a large dining / event hall.

Brewery building rent (1 night)1200 €

The price includes accommodation, breakfast and service charges.

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