Sudeikių g. 25, Vasaknų k., Dusetų sen., Zarasų r. LT-32311
Tel. +370 655 42233


The Manor is not open to the public every day. If you’d like to visit, please arrange for viewing in advance.

Distance from main cities:

  • from Vilnius 131 km
  • from Kaunas 165 km
  • from Panevėžys 109 km

How to get here:

  • take the road to Utena
  • when you reach Utena, at the roundabout take the exit to Zarasai
  • at 25th km in Daugailiai (by the petrol station “Alausa”) turn left towards Antaliepte/Dusetos
  • When you reach Antaliepte, drive on towards Dusetos
  • In Dusetos turn left at a T shape intersection
  • You will drive through Sventoji River; at the intersection keep left towards Vasaknos
  • Drive through Vasaknos, at the 6th km turn right to enter Vasaknos Manor territory
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